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Turiya Course Outline
Tribute to Maharishi
 Taking the Turiya Meditation Course        
1.Free Introductory lecture 2hrs.  
   a. The benefits of this unique practise.            
   b. Understanding how effortless Turiya is.
2.Personal interview to answer any questions the student may have
3.Personal instruction in Turiya  1hr
4.Group follow up1; the does and do nots of Turiya 
5.Group follow up2;understanding the mechanics
   of meditation.In understanding why you do 
    something allows you to do it better                                                                                       
6.Group follow up3;understanding the cycles of Meditation 2hrs
7.Smoothing out some of the ripples of technique;Enlightenment the natural progression 2hrs
8.A mini retreat on a weekend  3hrs including a pot luck meal
steps 3,4,5,are given on the same weekend usually on a Saturday,Sunday,and Monday.You get to chose the personal time on Saturday.Sunday is usually and Monday is usually 7-9pm. Other classes are chosen on the first day of class when every one can make it.There is some openness with regards to times for those with different schedules.
Fees:300.00 adjustments made based on financial need
A lot of thought has gone into a proper cost for the technique. We charge something so the student makes a commitment. Otherwise the student may not value what he is learning and may not show for all classes.The fee does not reflect the full value of this instruction. You are learning something that is beyond value.How can you put a price on peace of mind or good health.The fee comes out to be about 10$an hour, at additional  follow ups  the student would be expected to donate at a rate he can afford.The centre needs money for heat,taxes,lights  advertising etc.We hope the future student understands just because other programs are more expensive than ours this does not mean that they are any better.In fact we feel that this is the best course you can take at any price.We appreciate any comments on what you have read.We wish you peace whatever your choice
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