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Mission Statement For Physical Therapy


It is the Centre for Well Being’s mission to reduce mental and physical pain so human beings can more efficiently pursue the highest goals of mankind.

Variety of Therapy:

            A number of therapies are used because some are more efficient at reducing specific pains than others. For example: Myofacial works well with the mid-back pain but cannot help a meniscus in the knee. Chronic back pain needs exercise and hands on help. Never go to a practitioner that is skilled in only one modality. When all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail. Therapies that do not work for you are discarded for ones that do.


About our Physical Therapist:

Mr. McLaughlin is the Chief Physical Therapist at the Centre. His practice in Manual Medicine spans 39 years. Pain reduction and elimination is his specialty, while many therapies mask or cover up the dysfunction, which is causing the pain. Mr. McLaughlin believes in fine-tuning the movement of joints, tendons, and muscles so they function closer to normal thereby decreasing pain.

In addition, he treats orthopedic and sports injuries. Because Mr. McLaughlin was an athlete in his younger years, he’s had his share of injuries and fully understands the need to be able to return to an active lifestyle. Today, he continues to be an athlete preferring non-contact activities and valuing exercise with fewer risks.

Mr. McLaughlin values the opportunity to reduce pain and suffering in his patients lives and looks forward to helping you.



The Centre for Well Being offers many modalities such as:
·        Joint Mobilization
      Rhythmic Mobilization    
·        Massage (See under massage for types)
·        Myofacial work
·        Cranio-Sacral work
·        Strain-Counter Strain
·        Ayurvedic Therapies
·        Detoxification



Conditions we treat and love to help with:
  • Spinal Pain : Neck, Mid-Back, Lower Back with sciatica or without, with herniated or bulged discs.


  • Extremity Pain: We treat every joint in the body from the ankle, knees and hips to the wrist, elbows, finger and shoulders.


  • TMJD: One of our many specialties. Mr. McLaughlin was the president of the Cranio-Mandibular Society of PA in 2005 – 2006.

Headaches, Tension, Migraines, Cluster. Mr. McLaughlin suffered for many years with headaches and is now pain free. He loves to treat headaches.


1970- BS PT Temple University

1970-71- Staff Therapist at Pennsylvania Hospital

1972-74- Chief Physical Therapist Northeastern Hospital

1974-78- Chief Physical Lower Bucks Hospital

1978-83- Senior Staff Therapist- Frankford Hospital Torresdale Campus

1983-97- Owner Private Practice at 505 Cottman Avenue Phila Pa

1997-07- Owner Director of The Centre for well-being a Holistic  
              Practice and owner of BodySmart Fitness and Physical Therapy


* Post Graduate Education consists of Extensive Training in Manual Therapy studying directly under the tutelage of Dr. James Cyriax, Robert McKenzie PT, other training too numerous to list.


Sample of Post Graduate Education:
1978- Dr. James Cyriax Manual Orthopedics in PT- 40hrs

1980-86- Spine1-Spine2-Spine3 Extremity 1 Extremity 2 TMJ. 
                Stanley Paris Institute of Graduate Health Sciences Atlanta
                Georgia 500 Hours

1984- Head, Neck, and Density 1 Rocobado Institute

1982- Spinology- Dr. Regee Gold one year training in Manipulation of
           the Spine

1993- Ayurvedic Medicine- Study of the Pulse and Herbology- 
          Alirimar, Spain

1993-95- Paul St. John’s Work (Deep-Tissue Massage) 200 Hour
                Course Phila, Pa

1994- Trager Institute Certificate in Trager Bodywork and Mentastics 
           500 hours( no longer Nationally or locally certified )

1997- New England School of Ayurvedic Medicine in Boston,
          Massachusetts, Diploma in Pulse Evaluation, Herbology and 
          Lifestyle Adjustments- 1 yr. course


Most insurances accepted.
We also welcome Auto Accident and Workmen's Compensation Cases.
.  Call ahead for fees

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